Richard A. Vincent

Divorce Law

Richard Vincent provides legal services in the preparation, filing, court hearings involving custody, visitation, restraining orders, division of property, setting of initial support for children and spouses, modification of support, legal separation, annulment, and pension division. Often, obtaining the correct orders early in the case that fully protect your rights can have a significant impact on the fmal result. Obtaining child and spousal support and restraining orders early in the case also help to you to adjust financially to separation and can help you protect your property.


When you have debts that are out of control or your wages are going to be garnished or if you are facing a collection lawsuit or foreclosure, you should consider obtaining relief in the Bankruptcy Court by possibly filing a Chapter 7 (Straight Bankruptcy) or a Chapter 13 (Repayment Plan). When you file either type of case, harassing creditor calls have to stop. You are permitted to wipe out many types of debts and you can keep exempt property helping you to get a fresh start.

Criminal Law

Representation includes all stages of a criminal proceeding for misdemeanor and felony cases. Cases include DUI arrests, drug and narcotic offenses, theft, restraining order offenses, Three Strikes offenses, sentencing alternatives, and sentencing modification. Richard Vincent was a former prosecutor in Santa Clara County.

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